Fire Alarm Installation

A working fire alarm system may be a legal requirement for commercial and industrial buildings. We can install and maintain systems for all types of industrial and commercial property, from offices to showrooms and industrial warehouses. It’s never nice to think that the worst could happen, but it’s important that you’re prepared and with our electricians meeting you in person and viewing your property you can be sure that everything’s been considered. For fire alarm installation in Preston, Lancashire, contact Greenway Electrical now.


Contact the experts in fire alarm installation

Our fire alarm installation service includes consultation and property analysis, so we know your building and your needs. We will design a fire alarm system with the right features, and will ensure it meets regulations. Your system will include detection and warning components, all strategically placed to ensure maximum coverage and will be tested thoroughly as it’s put in place. Regular testing is then something that you can take control of yourself.

Contact us today at our Preston office, and we’ll arrange for someone to visit your premises to give you an accurate quote for fire alarm installation.