Energy Optimisation

With energy prices regularly rising and with environmental concerns becoming an everyday consideration, saving money and the planet might be an important part of your strategy for the future of your property. For power and energy optimisation in Preston, contact Greenway Electrical today to discuss your possibilities.

Energy Optimisation can save you money and helps the environment.

energyoptNo matter what your commercial or industrial venue, we can optimise your energy usage to cut costs as well as to improve efficiency. Whilst our installation services enable us to provide the latest components including LED lighting so that costs are small right from the start, if your property isn’t a new build the latest innovations might still be suitable. Converting a full lighting system is an expensive endeavour, but with our voltage optimisation units we are able to keep energy use down in even the oldest of buildings.

Energy optimisation units are wired into the mains, and reduce the voltage of your system. They lower your energy consumption and, in turn, your costs. In most industrial and commercial properties, the impact of a lower voltage will be almost impossible to notice apart from on your energy bills. Lights are not noticeably dimmer, and all equipment and appliances can still be powered as normal.

We are committed to keeping up with the latest technological developments and advancements to ensure that we provide cost-effective electrical solutions for clients. It’s also important, as a family-run business, that we consider future of the environment. Our qualified electricians install voltage optimisation units that are safe and energy-efficient.

As an example, our clients are now saving typically 6-12% per month as a result of our energy saving measures. To see if energy optimisation could give you similar benefits, simply contact us today or 01772 728001 to discuss your possibilities.