Emergency Lighting

For emergency lighting systems installation in Preston, contact Greenway Electrical now. Emergency lighting systems ensure that your staff and customers can safely find their way around your industrial or commercial building in the event of a power cut or serious incident. They should be a vital consideration for the protection of the public, should an evacuation be required.

Emergency Lighting is a crucial requirement for protection of workers and the public – get yours today.

emerlightWe can plan and install your system, taking evacuation routes into account and identifying areas that will require the lighting and signage. All legal and health and safety requirements are taken into consideration, and qualified electrical engineers will ensure that all equipment is tested after installation so that it works effectively if it’s ever needed.

Emergency lighting, like your fire alarm system, should be regularly checked and maintained. Arranging a planned maintenance contract allows us to visit at regular intervals to test your system for efficiency and to ensure that power is reaching all lights and signs effectively.

If you’re considering emergency lighting installation for your property, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs in detail. Contact us today, and we can arrange a site visit and a quote.

Emergency Lighting Regulations

Emergency lighting and exit signs guide visitors and employees to safety when all the normal lights go off. It’s extremely important for all buildings to follow the emergency lighting regulations, failing to do so could result in serious injuries to anyone in your property and massive fines.  Employing an electrician without the correct training or skills to install emergency lighting could result in incorrect installations which may cause complete darkness and danger to employees and customers, this could be either mental trauma or physical injury. This could also mean you’re having to spend even more money to correct their mistakes and you could face fines for not adhering to the emergency lighting regulations.

If you want to know more about Greenway installing your emergency lighting and exit signs, get in touch with one of our team members and they’d be happy to help.