Security Systems – CCTV Installation

Security Systems from Greenway Electrical

CCTV Security Systems are installed to serve as a form of protection and to act as a deterrent for would-be thieves or vandals.

Many businesses choose to install a CCTV Security System to provide them with peace-of-mind when they leave a building or complex overnight or for a length of time.  It has been observed that potential thieves and vandals move on from premises which have an obvious CCTV camera installed.

Evidence suggest that Business owners who have a CCTV System installed do not have as many problems with shoplifting due to the system acting as a detterant.  CCTV is also used whenever evidence needs to be called for one reason or another, and has been used on many occasions to provide evidence during court trials where a suspect’s claim may be taken in to question.

The installation of a CCTV Security System and the benefits it provides far outweighs the initial financial cost.

Below is a list of different CCTV Security Systems that we offer installation in:

High Speed Colour Dome

  • 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Colour/colour-mono options
  • Variable speed/auto focus/auto iris
  • 18 x Optical zoom 41 to 73.8mm
  • 4 x Digital zoom
  • 0.4 lux colour – 0.01 lux colour/mono
  • Pan tilt and zoom control


Static Camera

  • Internal/External/Colour/Monochrome
  • Pre-built options
  • Auto iris lenses


Covert Camera

  • Pin hole ceiling mount
  • PIR case camera
  • Smoke detector camera
  • Clock camera