Electrical Condition Reports

Once known as a periodic test, an electrical condition report ensures that your existing electrical installations are safe and efficient. It also offers an opportunity to guarantee that your electrical wiring is compared to the latest building regulations.
reportingEICR Inspections are a recommended requirement for commercial and industrial buildings used by the public, and it’s important that as a property owner you are aware of the requirement and frequency. If you have recently acquired a property, a full test of the electrical condition of the building will also make you aware of any required adjustments or modifications as well as existing safety risks.

Ensure the safety of your electrical equipment – get a condition report today.

How often you should conduct EICR examinations depends on the type of property you own. It is recommended that you have an EICR test conducted for your commercial property every 5 years, domestic property every 10 years, industrial property every 3 years and landlord-owned properties every 5 years. Also, if there’s a change of occupancy then another EICR test should be carried out to make sure everything is in working order. However, these guidelines could vary as it depends on various different factors, our experts can help advise you on how frequent these inspections should be.

Electrical installations deteriorate with age. Failing to carry out tests on these installations can result in your customers, employees, tenants or anyone who uses your property being put at risk. The dangers of having unsafe electrical installations include electrocution, shock & burns, explosions and fires. All of these can cause extreme injuries so it’s your responsibility to make sure your property is safe.

Our engineers are qualified to City & Guilds levels 1 & 2 and hold City & Guilds 2377 and 2391 inspection and testing standards qualifications. They are also BS 7671 qualified to the current edition. Using unqualified / untrained electrical contractors is extremely dangerous and can cause incorrect installations, our expert contractors can make sure the job is done right.

Scheduling a Test

We can carry out EICR inspections and testing in Preston, Lancashire, on all commercial and industrial properties. We utilize highly-qualified electricians and the latest equipment to ensure a thorough and safe testing service. We require power to be switched off and disconnected as we carry out the tests, though our electricians work efficiently to ensure that this period of down-time is never longer than essential. We can schedule testing to suit your requirements.

What the Test Involves

Our electrical professionals will carry out a visual check to inspect the wiring, distribution boards and equipment for obvious signs of damage, wear or overloading. This also allows us to identify any installations in incorrect locations.

We also carry out both live and dead EICR testing including continuity testing, polarity tests and earth fault loop impedance tests as part of a full report. We’re not just checking for the safety and efficiency of your system, but also making sure that should a fault occur at a later date then the system is correctly wired to shut down automatically.

Thermal Imaging

We have invested in the best equipment for a thorough test with results that you can trust. That equipment includes our thermal imaging camera, which allows us to record and analyse images of your equipment and wiring, including areas of heat loss.

Images taken with our thermal imaging camera are emailed back to our office for a detailed analysis, and in many cases, we can have your results and certification delivered within a day. As we use the latest NICEIC software, certificates are provided in electronic format.

To schedule your electrical condition report, simply contact Greenway Electrical today.